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What Marketers Need To Boost Sales...SMS Marketing!

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default What Marketers Need To Boost Sales...SMS Marketing!

Post by ghb100 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:32 am

Five Reasons to Build a Mobile List for Your Cell Phone Auto Responder
Have you considered using a mobile autoresponder, but aren’t sure exactly how you would do so? You’ve probably heard marketing gurus saying an autoresponder is essential, but many small business owners don’t realize how powerful a simple mobile autoresponder and cell phone list can be. 

By building a mobile list and using a mobile autoresponder, you can accomplish the following:
Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

You can use your mobile autoresponder to thank customers (and potential customers) for checking out your site, alert them as to service progress, and answer questions. You know how you get that automated email from Amazon when you order something online? You can use your autoresponder to communicate the same kinds of information via text messages or voicemails.

Cut Communication Costs

If you build a mobile list and an accompanying batch of automated messages, you can reduce the need for personal calls, which in turn reduces your need for manpower. You can send out information automatically and concurrently, which cuts down on monetary costs and time investment.

Maintain Current Contact Information

By building a mobile list, you are effectively establishing a means of contact with customers that might otherwise slip through the cracks. More and more people are moving from landlines to cell phones, and mobile phone usage is becoming such a vital part of communication that it’s become an incredibly valuable method of keeping in contact with customers.

Target Your Marketing Efforts

Younger people in particular are most likely to use their cell phones over any other methods of communication. If your intended demographic is under age 40, you’ll want to use text message autoresponders as a primary marketing tool. You can send information about new products, updates on delivery information, special offers and other such information through this reliable medium.


Modernize Your Brand

You want your customers to recognize your brand as current and relevant, right? Then you’ve got to communicate with customers through the medium they respect and consider most convenient. Text autoresponders deliver discreet messages that can be viewed at your client’s convenience, even when they are on the go. It’s the modern-day way to communicate, which instantly updates your look and feel.

Tips For Building a Mobile List:

One of the most trusted premises of business marketing is this: Gather contact information at any and every opportunity. Why? Because it’s statistically easier to get someone who has set foot in your store, checked out your Web site, or spoken to a representative to return, than it is to find a new contact. This means you’ll want to collect numbers for your cell phone list any way you can, including the following:

  • Call-to-action forms on Web sites, requiring visitors to register on the site (giving that cell phone number)

  • Requiring contact information when redeeming coupons or special offers.

  • Sign up sheets

  • Market research and lead generation activity

Once you build a mobile list and start using a mobile autoresponder, you’ll discover a host of ways to use this cutting edge marketing tool.

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Market to Your Clients With Text Messages


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